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Posted by drawnthatwayxx - 1 month ago

Hey everyone!

Real Quick just wanted to say that one of my two bosses was interviewed by a writer on Doujins.com , and I filled in for the other boss! There's alot of great pictures there that hasn't been seen by the public, but of course what you really are interested in is the interview itself, right?

...Right?  ' : |

...Nevermind. https://doujins.com/blog/an-interview-with-the-creators-of-ranmabooks-1252

Also, if you missed sending questions through tumblr, there's now an app for that. https://curiouscat.me/drawnthatwayxx

Ask me anything!


Posted by drawnthatwayxx - February 22nd, 2019

Got some details you might want to know about: https://www.deviantart.com/drawnthatwayxx/journal/And-I-m-Back-786773975

Posted by drawnthatwayxx - February 10th, 2019

I'm going to step back a bit these next couple of weeks, due to a death in my family. That will mean no new updates for a bit, but when I return we'll play catch up so that means more updates in one week. Take care of your loved ones. Bye for now.


Posted by drawnthatwayxx - December 26th, 2018

We're bringing back our old service model! Not interested in a Subscription Service?  We're Adaptable! Get art from three different books at a mere fraction of their original selling price, for a limited time offer of $4.99!

This One Hundred Page Bundle includes:
- For Love of a Girl Side (http://ranmabooks.com/images/FLOAGS-Montage1200.jpg)
- Select Pinups From The Red Collection (http://ranmabooks.com/Projects/images/Red_Cover.jpg),
-  My Girlfriend's Girlfriends! (http://ranmabooks.com/Projects/images/MGG_Minitage_02.jpg)

Each Book has been given an HD Overhaul so you know every panel will have that crisp clean look you expect from high profile artists like us! And there's a bit of exclusive art you can only find here as well, With no pesky cropping in the way from keeping you from seeing the goods! 

So, how to get this amazing deal?

Step One: Sign Up and make the Purchase Here> https://ranmabooks.com/amember/signup/Lady_In_Red

Step Two: Download Here (and Step Two doesn't work if you haven't done step One) > https://ranmabooks.com/Drawn_to_Hentai

You have 48 Hours from Step One to Complete Step Two, but...why wait? Buy and Download ASAP!

If you like what we've been serving here for the last few weeks, you're really going to like this. I guarantee it. 7119276_154585855951_p1.png

Posted by drawnthatwayxx - December 10th, 2018

Hello NG!

Thank you to all the love and support everyone is sending, it really shows my bosses how much people enjoy Ranmabooks, Justice Hentai, and Enchanted Hentai. Whether it's giving an honest score, or even following me on NG, it means alot, and right now I want to give you all a pro-tip:

Don't Let Pinup Exclusivity keep you from missing Everything!

The art that appears on Newgrounds is only a third of what I provide to the internet. On our Deviantart account, there's even more pinups that are exclusive there, and on the Twitter account, there's even more pinups that are exclusive there. And no, none of pinups I post on the other sites, will appear on Newgrounds. So please, follow Drawn That Way on DA and Twitter, I'll make it worth your while,

deviantart.com/drawnthatwayxx (Updates Mondays)

https://twitter.com/DrawnWay (Updates Wednesdays)


The Diver (Yes, that is my actual author tag seperate from Drawn That Way)

PS Right now, I'm uploading every day pinups here that were originally on Tumblr. When I have uploaded everything that Tumblr had to here,The NG account will only update on Fridays.

PPS, there is a new Christmas Pinup on Deviantart that was uploaded today. You might want to check it out!