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Hey everybody!

Man, it's been a long year! Seriously. But hey, seven months to go right? And with a kick ass summer on the way, you know what you'll be seeing from the Drawn That Way Circle: Sun and Sex! I'm going to grab the hottest lewdest art that has ever been created and will be sure to blur your vision, either due to its radiance, or a mind-numbingly intense trip to O-Town, your call, I don't judge and will root for you!

I also want to thank everyone who follows me on the social media platforms. We've made crazy gains together over the past year. 320 DA Followers, 419 Twitter Followers, 211 Newgrounds Followers, and 50+ Pinup and Comic this year alone. I've told each and everyone of you that sticking with us, you will be entertained! I hope I've been keeping that promise to all of you, and I still end to complete my Resolution of 3 updates a week for the entire year of 2019, so please, expect plenty more!

So, what's going on at the moment?

Well, Ranmabooks is back in Comixxx Season, with The Secret of Ukyo's Sauce, stay tuned for a super nice preview. Things have gone awry somewhere, but that just means more fun for us! We're up to Page 11, With Page 12 to be released later in the week! Join us today and get a look! Prices starting at $24.95 a month, and you'll get alot more than that! The art you seen, is only a speck compared to our continually updating archives! Pinups, Comics, There might be a couple GAMES and a VISUAL NOVEL in its infancy. Come take a look!  


Speaking of Ranmabooks, we've recently ended our discount price of Ore no Ane. To the ones who've bought, I hope you enjoyed it. Four Comics, classic and modern about the greatest Big Sis in anime history, with some sexy pinups with outfit, skin color, and bimbo variants. Thank you for your patronage! And if weren't able to buy it at the discount price, don't worry, a time will present itself soon for all bundles to drop a price, during the holiday season, but if you just need Kasumi (and Ranma) now, we're still selling the books at their normal price at $9.99, information on how to buy, at the advertisement pictures I love to post! 

Now of course Justice Hentai and Enchanted Hentai hasn't had much fanfare compared to Ranmabooks I do admit. For the fans of tight leather and tight princesses, I'll try and get something besides pinups. Until then, Both sites give you access, with prices starting at $14.95 a month! They're continually updating, and you'll have access to all the pinups and comics we have in store. Check them out as well!



Lastly, due to being super busy, I don't always have time to remind that I've updated on all the social media platforms. Please remember, Wednesdays on Twitter, and Fridays on Newgrounds. Alternatively, you can join Drawn That Way there on those accounts, so you'll the exact time I've updated!



Also-Lastly, I'm taking requests for what you want to see for the updates on the Social Media! Please don't ask for specific actions. But if there are certain characters you want to see bone, then send your request. As a matter of fact, this week is all requests. So, when you want to make a request, or ask me a question in general - https://curiouscat.me/drawnthatwayxx

Okay that's it for real. Have a good week, good May, and good 2019! TTYL!


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